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Our Mission

Our company was founded on the deeply held conviction that solving the world's biggest problems will require a new level of conscious leadership and collaboration. We believe what is most challenging about creating a world of environmental and social well-being is maintaining trust, clear strategic direction, effective collaboration, and innovative capacity that deliver solutions in the midst of turmoil and rapid change.

This is why we focus on building resilience, trust, collaboration, and strategy with sustainability leaders and their teams.  With this foundation, purpose-driven companies and organizations can innovate the solutions the world needs - quickly.

Our Vision

We envision workplaces around the world where people use their strengths and work together to rebuild societal trust and regenerate ecosystems. Our awareness of our interconnectedness - with each other and the ecosystems on which we depend – spurs a renaissance for The Golden Rule and for safeguarding the biodiversity of our planet.  We collaborate across sectors and cultures to innovate a human ecosystem that honors all beings.

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Our Values







Our Team

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Our team is a pool of seasoned professionals, spanning a wide array of expertise. We hand select the right talent for each project, matching the passion and experience of these experts to your company's culture and the results you need.  

Our Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development. 

  • Build trust skillfully to become a Trusted Leader.

  • Learn to be resilient amidst chaos, uncertainty, & complexity through Personal Mastery at Work and Inner Leadership.

  • Nurture your strengths and employee well-being by learning to Manage Strong.

  • Learn essentials in our Training such as Secrets to Employee Engagement, Best Practices for Feedback and One-on-Ones, Cultivating Accountability, and Effective Communication.

Talent Development. 

  • Save money, avoid turnover, & lower stress using Kolbe RightFit Hiring to put the right people in the right seats. Ensure people thrive in their roles with Coaching on communication and productivity.

  • Optimize employee effectiveness & engagement and groom emerging stars for leadership with Strengths-based Coaching.

  • Train your employees in essential skills such as Building Trusting RelationshipsEmpowerment and Personal MasterySetting & Achieving Goals, and Effective Communication.

Team Development. 

  • Cultivate Accountability

  • Create teams best suited for collaboration through awareness of diversity, problem-solving approaches, needed structures, and creativity enhancement.

  • Build team cohesiveness and resilience, address conflict constructively, and bolster effective collaboration based on people's strengths through Team Strong.


Sustainability & Business Strategy Development.  

  • Build and Maintain a Mission-Driven Culture.

  • Assess your company's current levels of sustainability performance and how emerging environmental and social issues will impact your business.  Gain new perspective from systems-thinking.

  • Create a viable Sustainability Plan and implementation team.

Susan Garrett, MSLS, CPCC
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Our Leader

Susan Garrett grew up traveling across the U.S. to all the wild places, developing a deep love for wilderness, wildlife and plants.  With the speed at which environmental change was happening, she felt a calling to have a bigger impact.  She went to Sweden where she completed a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, and later added the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach credential. With a career in environmental and social sustainability spanning over 20 years, she has seen firsthand the systems level barriers and beliefs that underpin ecological and human exploitation as well as the solutions.  This learning led her to bring together the best talent to address two of the biggest leverage points for regenerative change: 1) creating workplaces that reflect the reality of our interconnectedness, and 2) catalyzing collaboration and the innovation needed to bring solutions to our world quickly. 


Susan loves connecting deeply with clients and her team, helping them step into their courage to be their best selves.

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