Here is what our clients are saying:
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith, Principal
Circle Forward Partners

"Susan's coaching always moves me to deeper clarity while taking action at a sustainable pace of forward momentum.  Not only does she possess a powerful set of tools and processes for moving past any stuck or fuzzy thinking, she also knows and trusts the underlying principles of transformation.  She courageously pushes me to question my assumptions without pushing me to go against my own true inner knowing. 

Working with Susan always returns high value."  

Matt Parris - Roots lobby.png
Matt Parris, Founder & CEO

"I'd been reluctant to work with business coaches in the past, but after an initial meeting with Susan, I felt she had the empathy, professionalism, intelligence, and experience to actually be effective. Susan quickly learned how to support and encourage me, and also be firm and clear about my priorities and goals. Through her sincere care and dynamic skill set and tool kit, I have come to look forward to our time together as a source of stability and inspiration."

Joan Walker headshot.jpeg

"The biggest impact from the coaching is that I am using my intuition more. I'm choosing a lot more from what I really want to do and who I want to be. I have created this little peace garden within. I can sit and ask, 'How do I want to show up to my relationships?' My leadership has become much more relational and less directive."

Joan Walker
Senior Campaign
Sierra Club

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