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Here is what our clients are saying:


Natasha Tuck headshot.jpeg

"The biggest impact from the coaching has been learning to value my strengths and not take them for granted. "Empathy" and "Context" are two of my strengths that I now value more, using them to connect, read the room and share contextual information to support the project at hand. I'm better able to use my strengths as a leader, like using my "Developer" and "Empathy" strengths to give staff praise and development support. Also, it might go without saying, but having a coach in my corner – and Susan in particular – to reflect my values back to me was incredibly helpful!"

Natasha Tuck
Director of Sustainability/ESG Dolby
Nicola head shot.jfif

"Susan is a very effective executive coach. She’s very professional and made me feel comfortable in sharing my goals, challenges and feelings. Under her coaching, I’ve learned tangible and authentic ways to deepen my personal and professional relationships and how to engage in challenging conversations. And she holds me accountable so that I am motivated to get outside my comfort zone to do the hard work and make real progress!"

Nicola Peill-Moelter
Director of Sustainability Innovation
Shanti Volpe headshot.jpeg

"There is great value in having an objective perspective from a coach who knows how to guide with an approach that balances physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth and well-being. Susan Garrett does that with grace while also holding me accountable. She has a unique gift for guiding with visualization and as a result I have met several allies who help me get through difficult times and challenging decisions. I have transformed and become much more aware of triggers and the tools needed to bring clarity and elevate my vibration. I have a deeper level of faith, trust and acceptance."

Shanti Volpe
CEO and "Queen Bee"
Shanti Elixirs
Matt Parris - Roots lobby.png

"I'd been reluctant to work with business coaches in the past, but after an initial meeting with Susan, I felt she had the empathy, professionalism, intelligence, and experience to actually be effective. Susan quickly learned how to support and encourage me, and also be firm and clear about my priorities and goals. Through her sincere care and dynamic skill set and tool kit, I have come to look forward to our time together as a source of stability and inspiration."

Matt Parris, Founder & CEO
Joan Walker headshot.jpeg

"The biggest impact from the coaching is that I am using my intuition more. I'm choosing a lot more from what I really want to do and who I want to be. I have created this little peace garden within. I can sit and ask, 'How do I want to show up to my relationships?' My leadership has become much more relational and less directive."

Joan Walker
Senior Campaign
Sierra Club
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith, Principal
Circle Forward Partners

"Susan's coaching always moves me to deeper clarity while taking action at a sustainable pace of forward momentum.  Not only does she possess a powerful set of tools and processes for moving past any stuck or fuzzy thinking, she also knows and trusts the underlying principles of transformation.  She courageously pushes me to question my assumptions without pushing me to go against my own true inner knowing. 

Working with Susan always returns high value."  

Bill de Dufour headshot.jfif

"Susan has done an exceptional job of understanding my perspectives & personality as my Executive Coach. She has allowed me to have improved self-awareness, driving a more holistic view of my career, and has improved my overall leadership capabilities."

Bill de Dufour, Sr. Solutions Engineering Manager


Climate Change Summit Simulation

Developed Discussion - strip.jpeg
Developing B Presents (2).jpeg
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Developing A Presents 4.jpeg
UN Climate Change Summit

USC Upstate wanted a special event as part of their Climate Week that would educate and engage students in climate action.  We facilitated the World Climate Game in a two-hour UN Climate Change Summit simulation.  Students played the roles of UN delegates from countries around the world coming together to negotiate a climate deal that would keep global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. 

We used C-ROADS, a sophisticated climate policy simulation software, to model the impacts of their pledges on global temperature rise.  Our CEO is a Climate Interactive Climate Ambassador trained in using climate models to help clients evaluate their assumptions about the climate system and understand effective leverage points for climate action.

Esther Godfrey USC Upstate headshot.jpg
Esther Godfrey
Director of Composition
University of South Carolina

"Susan created an extremely well-planned and thoughtful event for our students--one that brought them into the climate conversation as active participants rather than passive observers. I could tell that our students learned a great deal from this activity, which coordinated well with other environmental and sustainability-based co-curricular events in our series. I would highly recommend bringing Susan and the World Climate Game to your school or organization for some hands-on learning."

Land Access Action Plan

PFI logo.png

Practical Farmers of Iowa needed an effective event with stakeholders to address the complex problem of how to best help beginning farmers gain access to affordable land.  We first helped them think through who to invite so they would have all the needed expertise in the room. From there, we structured focused brainstorms, discussions, and prioritization so they could come out with robust recommendations from these experts on a tight schedule.  This gave them the insights and direction they needed to create their Land Access Action Plan.

Sally Worley headshot.jfif

"Susan helped us create a solid action plan to address the complicated issue of land access. She took great care to thoroughly understand our needs, set up a detailed plan to facilitate an ambitious planning session and provided thorough follow up notes and documentation. I am very grateful for her assistance tackling this important issue."

Sally Worley
Executive Director

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Comprehensive Sustainability Plan

Lovett Logo.png

For our first project with The Lovett School, we coordinated an assessment of their baseline data across water, energy, procurement, materials, land, and education then facilitated a session to map out next steps around a small scope of sustainability initiatives. 


Months later, they reached out to us again to help them put together a comprehensive sustainability plan. We facilitated their Green Team through a planning process over six sessions.  In the final session, we brought the Green Team, faculty, Headmaster, and other staff together to vet the draft plan and flesh out ways to integrate the plan into the school's curriculum. 


The final sustainability plan was adopted by the Board, shepherded by the Green Team, and drove the school's progress over the next several years.  Today The Lovett School is recognized as a leader in school sustainability in Atlanta.

Sandra Switzer headshot.jpg
Sandra Switzer
Sustainability Director
The Lovett School

"My big takeaway from working with you was that the only way to shift culture was to shift our curriculum.  That sustainability could not be an extracurricular.  Or something that just the physical plant did. Because then it’s not lived.  It’s one thing to say we have a windmill and solar panels, but if we don’t have any shift in our values, to thinking long term, in an interdisciplinary way... to thinking about ‘Well, the laws of nature are not things that can be violated like you violate a speed limit’… If we don’t have those shifts in consciousness, we’re not shifting the behavior that absolutely has to be shifted if we want sustainability.  That’s  the most important thing for me that came out of working with you in the strategic planning process."

These are just a few of the brands we have worked with over the years:

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