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Cultivate the inner resilience to meet any challenge.

As a sustainability leader, you are under tremendous pressure due to the enormity and urgency of the problems you are working to solve.  As a result, overwhelm, difficulty prioritizing, stress, self-doubt, and feelings of isolation and hopelessness can more readily take root and undercut your effectiveness.

This mental fitness program helps leaders consciously build mental muscle to countermand these negative mental & emotional states. Based on the latest findings in neuroscience, we combine Executive Coaching, training, & peer learning to strengthen your ability to stay in positivity, centeredness, & conscious leadership.

Inner Leadership - Part I

Part I lays the foundation for your mental fitness.  Learn about your mental muscles (how your brain works), the exercises that will strengthen them, how to workout, and how to enlist peers to help you stay accountable to the goals you set.

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Executive Coaching

Develop self-awareness, set goals for self-mastery, and apply Inner Leadership concepts to your current challenges in 5 private sessions with your Executive Coach, Susan Garrett, CPCC. Gain higher performance & wellbeing.

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Learn to identify and stop negative thoughts that cause you to feel anxious, angry, guilty, exhausted, and afraid to go after the life you want.  Using the Positive Intelligence© 7-week training content and phone app, build the mental muscle to shift to a positive mindset.

Yoga Session


Deepen your learning and benefit from mutual accountability with peers in 7 weekly, confidential, group practice sessions facilitated by your Executive Coach.  Use the Positive Intelligence© app to encourage your peers in between sessions.

How It Works

  • Engage in 5 one-hour, private Executive Coaching sessions with an International Coach Federation credentialed coach to set goals and learn to apply the mental fitness concepts. 
  • Participate in 7 consecutive weeks of mental fitness training, including 1 hour of video to be watched between Saturday and Monday each week.
  • Do 15 minutes of daily practice applying the concepts using a phone based app. One year of access.
  • Benefit from 7 Monday night, one-hour "Pod" meetings with your Executive Coach and 1 - 4 peers to deepen learning and accountability.
  • Use an online dashboard and the phone app to track your progress and communicate with peers.
This program is for leaders ready to change. It requires commitment, vulnerability, and deep work.  It is also available as an offering to entire teams.  Contact us to learn more.

To Get Started

Schedule a free, one-hour
Executive Coaching Insight Session with Susan Garrett, CPCC.
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