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Types of Services

Strategic Planning

Sustainability Pivot Session

Online Collaboration

Staff Retreat

Our Approach

We use a variety of approaches in our facilitation, based on what will best help you get the results you need.  Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Systems Thinking exercises, Biomimicry creative inspiration, brainstorming, priority voting, and mental model exploratory games are a few examples of the techniques we use to make your event effective and dynamic.  We will co-design what works best for your company's culture and your desired outcomes.
Our Process
1. We begin with a free initial consultation to learn about your needs.  We ask questions such as:
  • What do you need to accomplish with your meeting: create a new strategic plan, integrate customer feedback into a new product or service design, select sustainability focus areas, create a growth plan, prioritize initiatives, or ?
  • What questions are you seeking to answer with your event?  And what outcomes are critical?
  • What stumbling blocks have led you to convene this event?
  • Who needs to be involved for the best results?
  • What pre-work or research is needed to ensure you get the outcomes you want?
2.  We draft a proposal for which facilitation techniques could meet your needs.
3.  We meet with you to go over our ideas and co-create a tailor-made solution with you.       
     We discuss the level of investment needed to get the results you want and clarify all deliverables  and timelines. At the meeting, we agree on a clear scope of work and price to put into a contract. 
4.  Once the contract is accepted, we begin any pre-work, which may include interviews, surveys, assessments, reviewing documents, observing a meeting, and/or doing web-based research.
5.  We facilitate your event to achieve the results, agenda, and timeline we agreed upon. We adapt in the moment in careful consultation with you as things unfold. We ensure everyone's voices are heard and that the event is engaging. 
6.  We create a Final Report summarizing the outcomes and any findings from the event. We meet with you to go over those findings and give recommendations for next steps.

Strategic Planning

Meeting Room Business

For effective strategic planning, having clarity about your desired outcomes and a robust plan for how to get them are essential.  With our approaches, you can successfully:

  • Create a compelling vision & mission that engages employees & stakeholders with your company's passion.

  • Brainstorm, evaluate, and prioritize options to figure out what will take you in the right direction.

  • Get the best ideas on the table & set smart business strategies, goals, & objectives to get everyone aligned.

Strategic Sustainability Pivot

Arts & Crafts

When product sales are down and customers are asking about the eco-friendliness of your products, or you need to lower your carbon footprint, or assess climate change impacts on your supply chain, it is time for a Sustainability Pivot Session.  We help your teams:

  • Backcast from sustainability principles to understand where you need to go and how to get there

  • Re-engage with customer feedback to re-imagine your offerings in alignment with best practices in sustainability

  • Explore and create with Biomimcry concepts to stimulate new ideas for logistics, packaging, or products.

  • Use robust climate models to educate your senior leaders and staff on what it will take to effectively address climate change within your company's operations and supply chain

Online Collaboration

Virtual Team Meeting

Need to run an engaging online meeting and not a dry, boring session?  Or maybe you need to build team collaboration in general?  We can help you run dynamic online meetings that:

  • Generate new ideas and involve everyone in prioritizing.

  • Give people genuine connection to one another to build morale and team cohesiveness.

  • Enable group planning, cross-departmental collaboration & peer learning in a fun format.

  • Surface everyone's mental models so that they can be examined & discussed.  


Staff Retreat

Image by javier trueba

When your staff needs to be re-energized, our skilled facilitation can help you:

  • Re-align and regain passion around your vision and mission.

  • Discuss your strategic plan and activate committees to plan and do essential action steps.

  • Review customer feedback, conduct innovation sessions, and prioritize creative ideas to pursue.

  • Give recognition to team members in ways that count.

  • Provide teams a chance for self-assessment and come out with recommendations to improve their functioning.

Strategic Planning
Pivot Session
Online Collaboration
Board Retreat
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