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Team Members

We coach sustainability-minded corporate CEOs, CSOs, city sustainability officers, and leaders in non-profit environmental and social justice movements. Our coaches help you develop specific leadership skills to build your resilience, influence, and impact. Leaders we coach learn to consciously use their strengths, handle stress, and deepen trust, collaboration, and meaningful purpose with their employees, teams, and stakeholders.  We often combine coaching with training into programs to focus on specific competencies. 


We coach teams based on their strengths and assessment findings to optimize their collaboration.

Meeting Room Business

We offer 4 categories of Development assessments. Depending on your focus areas for creating business results, we assess: 

1)  Right fit of potential candidates or of existing employees to roles,

2)  Your company's or team's current state of engagement and/or trust, 

3)  Individual strengths to build strong leaders and teams, and

4)  Communication and/or problem-solving styles to ease stress and conflict.


With assessment results, we co-create tailor-made coaching and training solutions with you that meet your organization's needs.

Similing Team

We offer (socially distanced) in-person and online training on a variety of topics related to leadership, individual, and team development.  Naturally, we make our training engaging and include ways to put learning into practice immediately.  In fact, we highly recommend coupling training with Coaching to help you integrate the lessons into your workplace behavior.  Some of our training offerings already include follow up Coaching.

Check out our offerings!

Giving a Presentation

We use a variety of approaches in our facilitation, based on what will best help you get the results you need.  Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Systems Thinking exercises, Biomimicry creative inspiration, brainstorming, priority voting, and mental model exploratory games are a few examples of the techniques we use to make your event effective and dynamic.  We will co-design what works best for your company's culture and your desired outcomes.

Our specialty is facilitating Strategic Sustainability Planning.

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