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Susan Garrett grew up hiking and traveling across the U.S. to all the wild places, developing a deep love for wilderness, wildlife and plants.  With the speed at which environmental change was happening, she felt a calling to have a bigger impact.  She closed her permaculture design business of seven years to go to Sweden where she completed a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.  Since then, her career has included both the environmental and social sides of sustainability: helping architects, engineers, and owners collaborate to design commercial green buildings; developing resources for city sustainability officers in the Urban Sustainability Director's Network; facilitating the creation of sustainability plans; running disadvantaged worker focused workforce development programs for the Department of Labor, and more.  She has seen first hand the systems level barriers and beliefs that underpin ecological and human exploitation as well as the potential solutions.  Her belief that we have a limited time to address social inequality and environmental destruction led her to bring together the best talent to address two of the biggest leverage points for change: 1) creating workplaces that reflect the reality of our interconnectedness, and 2) catalyzing leadership and collaboration to support the innovation needed to bring solutions to our world quickly.

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