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Designed for CEOs and senior team leaders at mid-sized companies,

the Trusted Leader Program is a combination of assessment, online training, and coaching that can be customized to meet your needs.

Know & Fix Where

 Low-Trust is Costing You

  • What specific trust issues are impacting productivity, efficiency, creativity, and speed to market in your company?

  • We do a Trust Assessment to inform the training content.

Magnetize a Talented, Inclusive Culture 

  • Develop your plan to bolster the 12 Cores of Trust as your foundation for being a trusted leader and creating a trust-powered culture.

  • Apply what you learn and your plan with the support of a Coach.

Build Accountability & Results

  • Learn how to impact the key accountability factors that improve employee productivity and morale.

  • Make a plan to hold staff accountable to the results and culture you want.

Deepen Mission Engagment & Commitment

  • Practice key listening skills that build trust.

  • Inspire commitment and contribution from employees by modeling trust-building behaviors.

  • Track progress with a Coach to integrate your new skills.

How It Works

  • The Trust Assessment tells us what areas will need focus.
  • Online training covers the 12 Cores of Trust and how to apply them.
  • Course assignments guide you in developing a trust-building plan to apply the 12 Cores.
  • 6 Coaching sessions with an International Coach Federation credentialed coach assist you to troubleshoot issues, lock in the learning, and internalize new behaviors.

To Get Started

Schedule a free, one hour Needs Discussion with Susan Garrett to  set up your Trust Assessment.
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